Graduation Information

Base School Information: Base schools issue all official diplomas and transcripts. You must contact them directly for "pick-up" appointments. If you plan to participate in your base school ceremony, it is your responsibility to contact the graduation coordinator by February 28 to make them aware of your intentions. You must have your coursework completed no later than May 25 for processing and release to your base school for graduation. You must order a separate cap and gown directly from your base school. Additional cost(s) apply.

  • Battlefield HS – 571-261-4611
  • Brentsville HS – 703-594-2161
  • Colgan HS – 571-374-6550
  • Forest Park HS – 703-583-3307
  • Freedom HS – 703-583-1416
  • Gar-Field HS – 703-730-7117
  • Hylton HS – 703-380-4067
  • Osbourn Park HS – 703-365-6503
  • Patriot HS – 703-594-3020
  • Potomac HS – 703-441-4270
  • Unity Reed HS – 703-365-2900
  • Woodbridge HS – 703-497-8132

Graduation Decorum

The commencement at Independence Nontraditonal School is a formal ceremony. Graduates must arrive by 5 p.m. in their caps and gowns. Graduates must leave purses, cell phones, and all other personal belongings with family/friends or locked in their cars. Graduates proceed immediately to the back of the facility to line up for the ceremony. Family and guests will not be admitted until 5:30 p.m. All guests must have a ticket, including children. No one is permitted to sit in aisles or on the stairs. Due to the expected crowd and as a courtesy to other families, the following items may not be brought into the graduation facility at any time.

  • Strollers
  • Balloons
  • Flowers (due to the allergies of others)
  • Noisemakers of any variety
  • Beach balls or other balls
  • Food/drink items
  • Silly string or other inappropriate materials

As a courtesy to families, please remove whimpering children from the auditorium so all guests in the audience can hear the ceremony and the graduate's names as they are announced. After the ceremony has concluded, please remain at your seats until all graduates have exited the auditorium. Guests will then be invited to join their graduates at the reception in the lobby.