Senior Portfolio Details

Each graduating Senior at Independence completes a Senior Portfolio. This project helps graduates prepare for life after INSC by researching career and education choices, preparing a resume, practicing budgeting, and exploring their skills and personality traits. The Senior Portfolio will be done in Naviance and you will be meeting with Ms. Morrow (College and Career Counselor) during your senior year to finish this graduation requirement.

You can get to Naviance by clicking this link or accessing it through your Clever account under College Readiness.

Graduating in January 2022?

Please check your school email on a regular basis and no less than once a week. Ms. Morrow will be contacting you for meetings and providing information so you can meet your Senior Portfolio requirements for graduation.

If you are graduating at the end of this semester but did not receive an email by November 16, please contact Ms. Morrow. You can make an appointment with her by clicking this link.

Portfolio Sections and Due Dates

  • November 1: Create 3 senior year goals in Naviance
  • November 15: Complete all self discovery assessments and build resume in Naviance
  • November 30: Identify 3 career clusters and 3 specific careers in Naviance
  • December 7: Identify college interests, 3 colleges your are interested in, colleges you are applying to in Naviance
  • December 14:Complete budget activity
  • December 18: Schedule with Mrs. Smith a Portfolio Defense Meeting with Dr. Eichorn
  • January 4: Plan for After Graduation (Career Research, Education Plan, or Military Research-- work with your SOS!)
  • January 11: Personal Reflection
  • January 27: Complete Portfolio, including your meeting with Mr. Eichorn

You will receive one part at a time. Complete one and submit it to your SOS to receive the next part, either digitally or print, depending on what you requested.