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Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!! =) 
I am local graduate of Potomac Senior High School.  I earned a Bachelor's degree in Health and PE at Virginia State University.  
I am currently completing my Master's degree in special education from George Mason University. 
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Weekly Learning Objectives: Social Studies 

Here's what we are learning returning to school!! 
We will be focusing on the core subject Social Studies


The student will recognize that history describes events and people from other times and places by

a) identifying examples of historical events, stories, and legends that describe the development of the local community; and
b) identifying people who helped establish and lead the local community over time.

 K.3 The student will sequence events in the past and present and begin to recognize that things change over time.

1st Grade 

1.2 The student will demonstrate knowledge of Virginia history by describing important events and people in the history of the Commonwealth, including

a) the settlement of Virginia at Jamestown;
b) famous Virginians, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who helped form a new nation; and
c) life in Virginia today, including food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and recreation.

1.3 The student will describe the stories of influential people in the history of Virginia and their contributions to our Commonwealth, with emphasis on

a) Powhatan;
b) Pocahontas;
c) Christopher Newport;
d) Maggie L. Walker; and
e) Arthur R. Ashe, Jr.

1.4 The student will describe the lives of people associated with major holidays, including

a) George Washington Day (Presidents’ Day);
b) Independence Day (Fourth of July); and
c) Martin Luther King, Jr., Day.

2nd Grade

2.2 The student will demonstrate knowledge of the United States by describing important developments and innovations in United States history, including developments and innovations related to communication and transportation.

2.3 The student will compare the lives and contributions of three American Indian cultures of the past and present, with emphasis on

a)   the Powhatan of the Eastern Woodlands;
b)   the Lakota of the Plains; and
c)   the Pueblo peoples of the Southwest.

3rd Grade

3.2 The student will explain how the contributions of ancient China and Egypt have influenced the present world in terms of architecture, inventions, the calendar, and written language.

4th Grade

Civil War and Postwar Eras

VS.7 The student will demonstrate an understanding of the issues that divided our nation and led to the Civil War by

a) explaining the major events and the differences between northern and southern states that divided Virginians and led to secession, war, and the creation of West Virginia;
b) describing Virginia’s role in the war, including identifying major battles that took place in Virginia; and
c) describing the roles of American Indians, whites, enslaved African Americans, and free African Americans.

VS.8 The student will demonstrate an understanding of the reconstruction of Virginia following the Civil War by

a) identifying the effects of Reconstruction on life in Virginia;
b) identifying the effects of segregation and “Jim Crow” on life in Virginia for American Indians, whites, and African Americans; and
c) describing the importance of railroads, new industries, and the growth of cities to Virginia’s economic development.

5th Grade

The American Northeast

3a Key Political features
3b Physical, Climate Characteristics
3c Natural Resources and Economic Activity
3d Population
3e Life Today 

Daily Schedule

7:45 - 8:00  Arrival/Morning Work
8:15 - 8:30  Breakfast
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9:40 - 10:50  Block 2
10:50 - 12:00  Block 3
12:00 - 12:15  Homeroom
12:15 - 12:45  Lunch
12:45- 1:25  Encore
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