Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Potucek

Hello Students...
First and foremost, I hope this finds you well.  Your safety and well being are my top priority and you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Please see below for important information regarding make up work, course competency status and how to find stuff!  Again, please take care of yourself.  Email me at potucedl@pwcs.edu (using your school email address) with any questions.

BEGINNING APRIL 14TH I WILL BE MONITORING MY EMAILS FROM 7:30-2:30 EACH DAY.  You can contact me at potucedl@pwcs.edu.

I will be available to students taking a FACS course online through Edmentum on the following days:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7:30-9:00 AM at potucedl@pwcs.edu.  Please know you can contact me any other time as well...I am here to help.

Make Up Work...please contact me at potucedl@pwcs.edu (using your school email) if you would like the opportunity to make up any missed work through March 13th.  I can work with you to complete assignments/assessments in an alternative fashion from the traditional classroom.  I am here for you, please contact me!  Your parents can contact me as well.

If you forget how to log into your email, google PWCS Student Email Tutorial for directions.  You can also use this link:

If you forget how to log in to see your grades, google PWCS Student Vue for directions.  You can also use this link:

For a complete list of the competencies we have covered in our class to date, please see the COMPLETED INDEPENDENT LIVING COMPETENICES under Classroom Files on the left tab.

For remediation purposes, we were working on the following Competency Cluster and tasks as of March 13th:

Research career options.
Compare career paths.

Research educational opportunities related to career choice.
Set short- and long-term career goals related to career choice.

Current Assignments Associated with this Competency Area include:
30 Days on Minimum Wage, The More You Earn, The More You Learn,
Spent...Surviving on $1000 a Month Simulation, Career Interest Profile, One Week Job, Career Research, Whodouwant2B? 

Remediation Material for this Competency Area can be found under Classroom Files...look for The Resume Workbook, Soft Skills Workbook, Remote Career Exploration Worksheet and various Workplace Readiness Links