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Ms. Gervacio

Welcome to my virtual classroom!!!

Date: May14th, 20202
Reminder: Last day to submit any missed assignments to improve your grade will be on May 21st. Please check your emails. Thank you very much!

Date: April 15th, 2020

My Office Hours are:

Tuesday @ 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM    and

Wednesday @ 11:00 AM – 12:00 noon

Date: March 25th, 2020

To all my dear students, hope all is well with you and your family!!!

This week, I posted new materials for both of my classes. These new materials are just for review.
Please go to my page and click on "Classroom Files"then look for the folder of your class.
For my AFDA class, please open the folder labelled, AFDA for March 31st-April 3rd.
For my Algebra Part 1 class, please open the folder labelled, Algebra Part 1 for March 31st-April 3rd.

Algebra Part 1- Website are "   & khanacademy". Topic is review on Literal Equations.

AFDA- Website are " &". Topic is about the application of quadratic function transformation.

For  those of you who wants to make up the test/s that you missed , please follow the instruction below:
1. Open the folder labelled, AFDA Class Assignments or Algebra Part 1 Class Assignments, depending on which class you belong. Once you open the folder, look for the file with label "Make up test".
2. You can download and print the file. 
3. Work on the test. Then take a picture of all the pages of your work, then send it to me, via email (

Another way to improve your grade is to make up the assignments you missed on IXL. If you forgot the information to access your account, or/and if you forgot the codes regarding the assignments,  please email me. 

These are all for now. If you have any questions, please email me at

Enjoy Learning!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Missing you ALL,

Ms. G

Daily Schedule

7:47 - 9:23  1st Period (Algebra Part 1)
9:25- 11:00  2nd Period(AFDA)
11:30 - 1:00  3rd Period ( Planning)
1:02- 2:30   4th Period (Algebra part 1)
2:30  Dismissal


Weekly Learning Objectives

Here's what we are learning: 
Algebra part 1   Students will solve literal equation by using the inverse operations        (Standard: A.4c)                                              

Student will explain the steps to solve literal equations to a partner or to class.
AFDA Students will use knowledge of transformations to write an equation, given the graph of a linear, quadratic, exponential, and logarithmic function. (AFDA.2)

Students will formulate the equation of the line of best fit; curve of best fit by using the technology (desmos). (Standard: AFDA.3)