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<Mrs. Sanghavi>

Mrs. Sanghavi is a 12th year teacher in PWCS who teaches Algebra 1, Chemistry, Algebra Functions and Data Analysis, and Geometry.  She just received her M.Ed in Math Education Leadership from George Mason University. She enjoys solving math problems and puzzles of any and every kind. She enjoys spending time with her family, her cats, and gardening.

  1. Office Hours for Math:

    Tuesdays 8am-9am

    Wednesdays 11am-12 noon.


    I am also able to 'meet' with you by phone or email at an appointment.

    Please let me know what works for you!



    April 14th, 2020 update:

    Office hours for help from Mrs. Sanghavi:

    Every day from 1-2 pm daily.  Please email me, and I will be instantly available to chat with you.

    March 30, 2020 Update:

    Parents, guardians, and students:

    Please note the following way to make up assignments:  

    1. I am putting make up assignments which correlate to the current assignments for both Geometry and Algebra.
    2. They will be labeled under ‘Geometry Make up Assignments’ and ‘Algebra make up assignments.
    3. Students will need to show all work, and take a picture, upload the picture to their computer and attach it to an email so that I can grade it.
    4. I will then grade it and update the grade in the grade book.

     Please note the following directions to make up tests:

    1. You will need to contact me directly by email.
    2. I will create an individualized plan for you to make up the test.
    3. Please note that I can help you with understanding and concepts via email only.
    4. I will give you an appropriate resource to review the material.
    5. When you are ready, email me, and I will send you a makeup test.
    6. You will not be able to get any additional help once you start the test.
    7. For the test, you will have to show all work for every problem in order for me to grade it.
    8. No work shown means that you will receive no credit for the problem.
    9. I will update your grade accordingly. **********************************************************************
    March 25th SOL objectives calendars are posted in the files section for both Algebra and Geometry.  They list the learning objectives that we have covered in the months of February and March.


  1. Feel free to email me if you have questions about what your student could be using to practice their math with while at home. my email is sanghasd@pwcs.edu
    Weekly Learning Objectives
Here's what we are learning the week of March March 9-March 13, 2020
 Algebra 1: 

Linear Functions and Scatter Plots:  slope, parallel and perpendicular slopes; slope intercept equation, standard form of equation, using a graph of a line to determine the equation of the line.  Using 2 points to determine the equation of a line.


Right Triangle Trigonometry, Special right triangles, pythagorean theorem.  Right triangle trigonometric ratios to find sides and angles.