Hello My Name Is...

Mr Haenlein

Welcome to Biology!
 I am currently in my 16th year of teaching, and have taught World History 1, World Geography, Oceanography, Algebra 1, AFDA and Biology. 
I currently teach biology, along with my role
as Science Chair and Third Shift Coordinator.  

Weekly Learning Objectives

Hello and welcome to our new virtual version of biology!  Further directions will be posted once PWCS and State admin notify us, but for now, any student that wants to increase their score on any assignment from this past quarter can access the assignments via the classroom files link, on the left side of this page.  Once there, click the folder for the unit you want to work on, and pick the assignment.  Answers can be submitted on a separate document, either attached to an email, or in the body of an email itself.  Or, you can print off the assignment, complete it, take a pic of it, and send it to my email, which is haenljg@pwcs.edu .  For those of you who would like to increase your quiz scores, that can be done via Mr Staegers online classpage, which is https://staegerscience.weebly.com/.  For anyone who would like to do this, please email me, and I can arrange with you to complete the quiz.  And as I said, I will post any and all information I get on this page, once it is disseminated to us!

UPDATE 4/17  We have now added virtual  office hours for the science department to be able to answer any questions or concerns.  Going forward our office hours will be Wed 8-9am and Thurs 11am-12pm.  Stay safe and healthy everyone and if you need anything, dont hesitate to reach out! 

Daily Schedule

7:47- 9:23  1st block
9:25- 11:00  plan
11:30-1:30  3rd block
1:33-2:30  4th block
2:45-5:30  5th/6th blocks
5:30 Dismissal