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Ms. Barbour

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Welcome to World History I & World History II! 

I received my Bachelor's degree in History and Masters in the Art of Teaching at James Madison University. This will be my second year teaching at our school, and I am very excited. 

Within the classroom, we will be analyzing primary sources, utilizing critical thinking, and conducting creative innovation in order to understand and practice the content information. 

I will be as responsive to parents and students as possible. I can be contacted through email at barbouhk@pwcs.edu. 

WHI SOL Review Game - Stellar
WHI SOL Review Game - Jewels
WHI SOL Review Game - Rags to Riches
WHI SOL Pass (2012)
WHI SOL Pass (2013)
WHII SOL Review Game - Rags to Riches
WHII SOL Review Game - Jeopardy
WHII SOL Review Game- Battle Ship
WHII SOL Pass (2013)
WHII SOL Pass (2012)

Daily Schedule

7:47am - 9:23am  1st Period:   Planning 
9:25am - 11:00am
 2nd Period:  Government
 11:05am -11:30am Lunch
11:32am -1:00pm  3th Period:   World History I 
1:02pm - 2:30pm  4th Period: Government


During the first half of the second quarter January 28th - March 20th 2020 we have covered
Government Standards of Learning Document
(GOVT. 1, GOVT. 2, GOVT. 3, GOVT. 4, GOVT. 5, GOVT.7, GOVT.11,  GOVT. 14, GOVT. 16, GOVT.18, GOVT. 19)

-Interpreting Media to understand current events 
-Examining the branches of government 
-Analyzing the Relationships between the relationships between the branches 
-Examining the ways individuals and groups exert influence on each other
-Examining the Legislative, executive, and Judicial Branches
-Analyzing the Legislative branch and process behind passage of a bill. 
-Understanding the Supreme Courts' power and ability to declare a law unconstitutional
-Evaluating the real power behind the executive branch versus the limitations the branch has.

World History I: 
World History I Standards of Learning
(WHI.1,WHI.2, WHI.3, WHI.4, WHI.5,WHI.11,)
-Locating China in Place and time 
-Describing impacts of Confucianism & Taoism 
-Researching technological advancements created by Chinese, including Great Wall of China 
-Evaluating knowledge of Ancient India & Ancient China
-Locating Ancient Greece by recognizing and describing their major geographical features
-Describing the social and religious structures of Ancient Greece
-Comparing the lifestyle structures of Athens versus Sparta based off values within their societies.

Important Dates: 
February 21st 2020 - 1st People Packet due
March 20th 2020- 
Amendment Research Packet due

Work History I: 
February 21st 2020- 1st People Packet due 
March 20th 2020- 2nd People Packet due