Ms. Rodgers

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Ms. Rodgers

Hello,   I have been teaching at alternative/non traditional schools for several years.  I really enjoy teaching middle school students.  I love watching how much they progress throughout the school year.  Not to mention, they always make me laugh!     I am looking forward to a great  year with a lot of reading and writing!    Please feel free to contact me at   

PWCS Language Arts Pacing Guides

PWCS Grade 6 LA Pacing Guide

PWCS Grade 7 LA Pacing Guide

PWCS Grade 8 LA Pacing Guide

PLEASE READ THE PWCS Homepage for all  updates! 

IMPORTANT 3rd Quarter information:  Make Up Work and Missed Assignments for the 3rd Quarter are being accepted NOW!! 

Students who wish to improve their grade for the 3rd Quarter can redo/or complete the following assignment:
 Write 2 paragraphs on a new ending to THE GIVER (8th grade) or THE CITY OF EMBER (7th grade)  Please use the Grammar Girl link if you have questions on capitalization and punctuation. 

Students may also go onto the HUB and check missing assignments.  If a student sees an assignment he or she would like to make up or complete, send me the objective of the assignment (all assignments are listed by objective number)  I will send an assignment that will meet the requirement. 
Please email me any questions.  I do check my email daily! 

I encourage all students to read during this break!  Book, magazine, newspaper, internet, blogs... anything!!  Just read!  :)

I would love to hear from all my wonderful students!  Feel free to email me at and let me know how you are doing!  I miss you all!
Stay happy, healthy, and safe! 

Classroom Files (located in the upper left corner) includes all of the Language Arts Objectives for 7th and 8th grade.  Objectives highlighted in yellow are the objectives we have completed as of March 13.   

7th and 8th grade classes- We are currently learning to use Google Classroom on the computer.  Students may also access Google Classroom from their cell phones.  Each student has been given a student login and password. 


In case a student forgets his/her password/login:


Password:  INSCstudent # 

If a student is having trouble with username or password for Google Classroom, send me an email at  I am always here to help!

Students are currently working on Internal Text Structures.  Extension Activities and Readings are in Google Classroom for student access.  

IXL Extension Activities have also been placed on Google Classroom.
The IXL Link is located under USEFUL LINKS (in the upper left hand corner)

We are also reading The Hound of Baskerville.  This book maybe downloaded for free at . 

Students are also encouraged to read 20 to 30 minutes each day .  Free online books can be downloaded from the public library OR through the INSC library. 

Daily Schedule

7:47 - 8:47 1st Period 
8:49 - 9:49  2nd Period
9:51 - 11:21  3rd Period
11:23 - 12:23  4th Period
12:25 - 1:25  5th Period
1:27 - 2:27  6th Period
2:30 Dismissal