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<>Welcome to Middle School Science!  We are excited about our wonderful new school and the resources we have to expand our scientific understanding.  There will be lots of cool concepts to practice and explore in our lab!
Contact me at:  bullocab@pwcs.edu    Ms. Bullock


Grade 6 Science Pacing Guide

Grade 7 Science Pacing Guide

Grade 8 Science Pacing Guide

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Students may go to hub and review their grades and missing assignments.  You can retake or make up any work you choose.  Some substitutions for similar assignments may have to be made - email bullocab@pwcs.edu with any questions/ turn in date for 3rd quarter is April 24, 2020.

Your final course  grade will be your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter grades divided by 3.  This final grade can be changed as you continue to redo and complete any assignments from the entire year during the 4th quarter.

Here are review topics for March:
6th grade Science

1.  SOL 6.2  Renewable/Non renewable energy

7th grade Science

1. LS.13 Evolution, Natural Selection,  Adaptation , Darwin's Journey

2. LS.2 Plant/Animal Cells

3. SOL 6.2  Renewable/Non renewable energy

8th grade Science

1. LS. 2 Plant/Animal Cells

2. SOL PS.5, PS.6  Renewable/Nonrenewable energy

Preview April Review:  Scientific Method, Chemical/Physical Properties & Reactions

Daily Schedule

7:47 - 8:47  1st Period

8:49 - 9:49  2nd Period

9:51 - 11:21  3rd Period

11:23 - 12:23  4th Period

12:25 - 1:25  5th Period

1:27 - 2:27  6th Period

2:30 Dismissal