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Pacing Guide for 7th Graders

Pacing Guide for 8th Graders

For your information (FYI) ** I am now accepting any make-up or retake assignments as grades for learning objectives missing for this marking period.**  Please complete and submit any missing assignments at this time.**

Weekly Learning Objectives
Here's what we are learning end of March and into April

6th Grade US History to 1865                                                          
7th Grade US History from 1865
8th Grade Civics and Economics

6th Grade~

Unit 6: Westward Expansion and Reform
USI.8a Territorial Expansion
USI.8b Geographic and Economic Influences on Western Settlement
USI.8c Impact on American Indians
USI.8d Impact of Inventions
USI.8d Abolitionist and Suffrage Movement
USI.2b-d Geography in the context of its role in expansion and reform in America

Unit 7: Civil War

7th Grade~

Unit 6:  Boom and Bust

6c) Arts in the 1920s & 1930s
6d) Causes/Impact of the Great Depression & New Deal  
7a) Events Leading US into World War II

Unit 7: 
7a) Events Leading US into WWII
7b) Events & Turning Points of WWII
7c) WWII & the Homefront

8th Grade~
Economic Decision-Making
11a) Economic Concepts 11b) Economic Systems
12b) Supply and Demand 12a) Characteristics of the US Economy
12c) Business Organizations 12d) Economic (circular) flow
12e) Private financial institutions 12f) Relationships to Global Economy 
13a) Competition in the Marketplace 13b) Public Goods & Services 13c)
Taxation 13d) Federal Reserve System 13e) Protection of Consumer Rights
13f) Creating Currency

Daily Schedule

7:47 - 8:47  1st 
8:49 - 9:49   2nd
9:51 - 10:05  3rd
10:05 - 10:30  A Lunch
10:30 - 11:21  3rd Continued
11:23 - 12:23  4th
12:25 - 1:25  5th
1:27 - 2:27  6th