Ms. Yankovitz

Letter to Learners,

Hello From the SPED Team,

While you are working from home here are a few things we want you to know. 

  1. Start with the document labeled Accessing Online and follow the directions to get you into Edmentum. Work on your online classes.

  2. If you need a test unlocked, please email your case manager. The case managers are;

    Dr. Bosserman

    Mr. Costis

    Ms. Galimore

    Ms., Gibaldi

    Ms. Smith

    Ms., Wilkerson

    Ms. Yankovitz

  3. To access your student email go to Office 365 and enter in your login and password.  Then you can email. 

  4. If you need to review for an SOL the material is with the other documents (scroll down) or you can use the links to review for SOL’s online.

  5. If you are working on your senior portfolio please access the Senior Portfolio in the documents.

  6. Don’t forget we are a team and we are here when you need us.



The SPED Team