CARES Matrix / Daily Interaction Sheet

The Center Program utilizes a matrix of ten essential skills which students are expected to demonstrate daily. Each class period students are evaluated in the skill areas and awarded points for skill performance on the Daily Interaction Sheet (DIS) which is shared with students and parents and serves as a tool for behavioral data collection. Those points accumulate weekly and students are able to use their points in the school store on Fridays for items such as toys, ear buds, headphones, sports equipment, games, and other items.

C = citizenship (follows directions, participation)
A = accountability (work effort, accepts feedback)
R = respect
(positive interactions, appropriate speech)
E = empathy (ignore negatives, positive attitude)
S = safety (remains in location, boundaries and property)

Level System

The data collected from the Daily Interaction Sheets are utilized to allow students to move through the Four-Staged Level System. When a student moves up a level, they are provided with more privileges and responsibilities.

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Students Receive Targeted Behavioral Interventions

Through the use of teaming, The Center monitors student behavior and academic progress regularly. Teams develop behavioral interventions and academic adjustments to meet individual student needs. Counseling is provided to all students in groups and/or individually. Group counseling focuses on Social Emotional Learning using research-based curriculum and resources.